Year 1 – “If you get cake on your face, eat it.”

They say the first year is a piece of cake. I would agree, for the most part…

Transition was the definition of our lives during year one and somehow it still continues be. Year one, we settled into our humble home and worked hard to transform it. I can remember enjoying the smell of fresh grey paint on the walls signifying progress, meanwhile feeling nervous trying to finalize wedding plans! Before you knew it, Saturday, August 30th, 2014 arrived. We got married in Newport Beach and had the celebration of our lives! The next day we packed and flew standby from LAX on the honeymoon of a lifetime to Europe. And just like that, life took off!

Year one, we set some goals for ourselves to save as much of our paychecks as we possibly could. We held each other ruthlessly accountable and exceeded our financial goals while paying off our debt. We made it a priority to explore the beautiful USA, state by state starting with Texas, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and then Montana. These travels made us realize that the grass may be greener on the other side in terms of the general cost of living, real estate etc. but it is not so easy to just pack up and go. This is a part of our lives that we are still exploring.

Before you know it, year one came to an end. It was a blast and so much more happened that may get discussed at a later time. But just when you are getting ready to plan for year two, an unexpected event happened that forced us to deviate from our plans. It is taking every effort within us to view it in a positive light. And the truth of the matter is, we believe it is God’s way of communicating that it is time to pursue the things that we have always wanted to pursue and to take a risk. Hence, the birth of this blog and other projects we look forward to sharing along the way!

To conclude with year one, we learned that if you get cake on your face, savor it! We’re not letting any of it go to waste!

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