Their story.

During their first year being married, Jake and Diana acquired new and unique hobbies together such as woodworking, renovating and decorating their home.  They would wake up early on weekends, brew coffee and unintentionally skip breakfast just to get outside and smell sawdust until sunset. And not much has changed! They have a great time crafting products especially from recycled wood, gates, pallets, or anything else they can get their hands on!

They documented their craftsmanship via social media and next thing you know friends, family and local businesses were asking them to replicate some of their work. The experience of connecting with others in this way is why OROOTS was launched. OROOTS gives them a unique platform where they can enjoy making custom wood furniture, products and art for others. The first piece of art they ever made was the vintage inspired wooden flag photographed above. To them, this is a pivotal piece, representing the start of a small American made company.

This is only the beginning of their story and they are excited to grow their roots. We hope you enjoy this journey and prosper with them along the way!


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